Fluid Mechanics Portfolio

Abbot Power Plant’s Piping Problem

Real-world fluid mechanics problem-identification and -solving

Problem Survey

Team field trip to the Abbot power plant to investigate the potential cause of the piping problem. Energy grade line and hydraulic grade line drawings were analyzed.


Step-by-step how we determined the pressure, velocity, and energy in the piping system.


How can this problem be solved? Possible improvement is provided.

Bottle Rocket Theory

We didn’t build a rocket, but we know how it works.

Journal References

We referenced over five scholarly journals in order to grasp the mechanics and know which theorems we should be including.

Rocket Mechanics

Step-by-step how we determined the path of the rocket, incorporating the volume of water, compressed air pressure, drag, and more.

Modeled Data

Graphs, tables, and variables using the equations from Rocket Mechanics to visualize a real rocket.

Design Challenge

How can we reduce drag to make the bottle go as high as possible?


What did we learn?

How does this fit into ABET?


Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

TAM 335 with Leon Liebenberg
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Mini-Project 1: Water Bottle Rocket
The purpose of this project was to use journal articles to aid in characterizing and analyzing a water propelled bottle rocket, pressurized with air.

Mini-Project 2: Abbot Power Plant
This project included an investigation at the Abbot Power Plant of pipe cavitation. Energy analysis was conducted using Bernoulli’s equation and suggestion on avoiding cavitation was given.

Both these projects were selected to receive the Gold Award. Gold Awards are chosen based on teams that go “way-beyond the required work (in terms of quality and quantity), and originality.”


Team L1

Angela Chan angelac4@illinois.edu

Yuqi (Viola) Wang yuqiw4@illinois.edu

Lucas Hopper lhopper2@illinois.edu

Alex Zhao wenjian2@illinois.edu

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